"Issues" is a mid-tempo pop / R&B song performed by British-Irish girl group The Saturdays. The song was written and produced by Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers. The single was released as the band's third official single, from their first debut studio album, Chasing Lights. Issues was officially released on 5 January 2009 in the United Kingdom. The single gained to mixed reviews from pop music critics.[1]

BBC Music stated that the song was very diva-ish, and the band are diva's in the making.[2]Upon the release of the single, Issues gained a lot of chart success after charting at number four on the UK Singles Charts, number fourteen on Irish Singles Charts and number three on theScottish Singles Charts. The single also charted at number twenty-one on Eurochart Hot 100 Singles.

Prior to its single release, the lyrics to "Issues" were re-recorded after being misinterpreted as promoting violence. As the lyrics 'Can't decide if i should slap you or kiss you', left many people misunderstanding the word slap as stab, the lyrics where changed to 'Can't decide if i should leave you or kiss you'.[3] The music video for "Issues", directed by Petro, features the group singing on a beach and inside a beach house.[4]


 [hide] *1 Release and critical reception

[edit]Release and critical receptionEdit

After the single was released, The Saturdays we forced to re-record the lyric's of Issues. Radio stations refused to play the song until it was changed. The song lyrics where changed and it was added in the radio playlist. The original lyrics were 'can't decide if i should slap you or kiss you'. The band were forced to change the lyrics due to the sounding similarities between 'slap you' and 'stab you' which they were worried might promote violence. The music video version features the lyrics "slap you or kiss you", while the radio were playing "leave you or kiss you". The single has the radio mix of the song.[3]

"Issues" received mostly mixed reviews from pop music critics. James Masterton of Yahoo! Music described the song as a "drippy mid-Atlantic love ballad" that lacked the "spark, energy and sheer excitement" of the group's past singles. Stating that the single was not as fun as the bands previous two singles.[5] In a review for Allmusic, Jon O'Brien called the track "dated" and wrote that it "sounds like a Max Martinreject from the '90s".[6]

Vanessa White opens the song with the first verse, she sings the first bridge with backing vocals of Mollie King and the second with backing vocals of Frankie Sandford. White and Sandford take lead on the chorus as Una Healy and Rochelle Wiseman take lower harmony's and King takes higher harmony's. Wiseman takes the second verse as Healy takes the middle 8 with backing vocals of Wiseman and King. The final chorus has adlibs from White.

[edit]Chart performanceEdit

After the album was released, the single jumped straight into the UK Singles Chart at number eight-four. And two weeks later dropped out of the top 100 singles.[7] After the release of the single, "Issues" stop up the UK Singles Charts and securing the chart position at number four, on 24th of January 2009, it later spend 4 weeks in the UK Official Top 10 Singles and 18 weeks in the UK Official Top 40 Singles. It was then, the bands highest peak position, after charting higher than previous singles "If This Is Love" and "Up". It was their highest non-charity singles until being surpassed by "Forever Is Over".[7]

The single entered the Irish Singles Charts at number thirty-six before moving further up the charts and placing itself at number fourteen. The single remained on the Irish Top 50 Singles for eleven weeks. Prior to the singles release, the band also released the song on the European Billboard, where it gained a peak position of number twenty-one, at the time, it was the second best chart success the band had on theEurope.

In the middle of 2009, "Issues" was also gained a certification of Silver by British Phonographic Industry, it was The Saturdays second single to gain a certification of silver, after selling over 200,000 copies in the UK alone.[8]

[edit]Music videoEdit


[1][2]One frame of the video for "Issues" where The Saturdays standing around a blazing fire.

"Issues" music video was filmed in the United Kingdom at Blackpool. While it was directed by Petro. Poir the release of "Up" "Issues" music video was filmed before "Up" as the band were planning on releasing it as the second official single, but the label decided otherwise. The music video was filmed in the middle of 2008.[4] Throughout the video, the band are seen standing at the shaw of the sea-side, with different coloured coats on. There are many scenes where the band is seen looking through windows of a house. The band are pictured wearing a number of different outfits throughout the whole video. They have different colour umbrella. The video primered 5 December, 2008.


As the video starts, it's a image of the old fashioned beach house, where the band are seen inside of late on in the video. As White starts singing on the music video, she is looking out of beach house window, at her band mates who are on the beach. The band are seen wearing winter clothes from Next. Sandford is seen laying on a sheep skin rug, in front of the fire. As the chorus kicks in the band walk down the beach front singing along to the song. As the first chorus of the song finished, the band are seen walking from the beach house with different coloured umbrellas walking in a straight line, while Wiseman has a pink umbrella, Healy has a green one, King has a blue one, White a purple one and Sandford a red one. As the lyrics sing I keep building a wall over my heart, the band stand behind a white fence, which could represent the wall between the men and their hearts. As the video is starting to come to an end, the band are seen standing around a blazing fire, which could represent the girls trying to burn away all the memory of their heart-break.

[edit]Formats and track listingsEdit

These are the formats and track listings of major single releases of "Issues".[1][9][10]

UK CD single (1785660; Released 5 January 2009)

  1. "Issues" (Radio Mix) - 3:36
  2. "Beggin'" (Bob Gaudio, Peggy Farina) - 3:12

Digital single #1 (Released 4 January 2009)

  1. "Issues" (Radio Mix) - 3:36
  2. "Issues" (Vince Clarke Club Mix) - 5:45

Digital single #2 (Released 3 January 2009)

  1. "Issues" (Radio Mix) - 3:36
  2. "Issues" (Digital Dog Club Mix) - 5:57

The Remixes

  1. "Issues" (Digital Dog Radio Edit) - 3:05
  2. "Issues" (Digital Dog Club Mix) - 5:57
  3. "Issues" (Vince Clarke Radio Mix) - 3:47
  4. "Issues" (Vince Clarke Club Mix) - 5:45


Chart Peak
European Hot 100 Singles[11] 21
Ireland (IRMA)[12] 14
Scotland (Official Charts Company)[13] 3
UK Singles (Official Charts Company)[14] 4

[edit]End-of-year chartsEdit

Chart (2009) Position
UK Singles Chart[15] 44

[edit]Sales and certificationsEdit

Country Certifications
United Kingdom Silver


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